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We were born as a tavern in the early eighties just outside the door of San Martino al Cimino
After some wonderful years spent with old generations of authentic local woodcutters, who have given and taught us so much,
in 1985 we moved to the current location (at the time an old stable) to start our life in the food and wine culture of this special geographical area.
Saverio of Neapolitan origin, with the help of his 100% Sammartinese wife and chef Sergio Fratini from Viterbo give life to our “da Saverio” osteria pizzeria, a crossroads of gastronomic cultures.
Over the years we have carried on our work with love and dedication respecting the traditions of Tuscia, a unique land rich in traditions, offering a cuisine with typical local products

In our menu you will find many of the traditional dishes: Viterbo acquacotta  with field chicory stale bread, egg and raw oil or mushroom soup and chickpea and chestnut soup with laurel.

Our pasta is homemade and among many offers you can find ombrichelli alla Vitorchianese, pasta with water and flour with a tomato sauce and wild fennel.

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