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Second courses of Tuscia

To describe even just a tenth of the main courses of Tuscia it would take a whole month, such is the variety and skill with which the housewives and restaurateurs of our territory are able to develop products with an exceptional taste and great nutritional value.In the traditional cuisine of Viterbo, among the second courses based on meat, we have those prepared with farm animals, such as chicken, rabbit, pork and lamb. Wild boar dishes are also famous.
Local lamb and beef, free-range pork, chicken and rabbit are the starting point for the creation of very interesting second courses of meat.
For the fish main courses we like to mention especially those from the lake which are even more characteristic of the territory.Grilled whitefish, golden fried perch, Tench broth with tagliolini, fried or marinated silversides, baked pike with potatoes, grilled lake eel with bay leaf or marinade.
di pesce.png
Of course, our sea also provides quality products and great flavor.Sea bass, paranza fish, shellfish, sole and mormora, octopus and sea bream, wild strawberries and occhiate, cockles and  razor clams are all the basis for the preparation of first and second courses tasty and of great flavor that you can taste both in the restaurants of the coast and in those of the  countryside and, where the product still arrives fresh and genuine.
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