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The first courses of Tuscia 

The first courses of Tuscia are very simple, consisting of homemade pasta with water and flour (in some cases even with eggs). Thus we find the lombrichelli alla Vitorchianese with wild fennel. This type of pasta resembles bucatini, but has no hole; then we have the famous  fieno (hay)  from  Canepina , similar to tagliatelle, but cut more finely. The sauce is meat or wild boar ragout and, of course, a sprinkling of local pecorino; the "gnocchi col ferro" typical of  Soriano nel Cimino , prepared with water, flour and salt. The name of this first dish derives from the use of a knitting needle during preparation.
Polenta also makes its appearance on the tables of Tuscia and is accompanied by savory and very tasty condiments.
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