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The Desserts

Desserts are also very important with preparations based on wheat flour, eggs, hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts.To remember the macaroni with walnuts, the Easter pizza, the tozzetti, the ugly but good, the aniseed donuts, the pangiallo, the gingerbread, the ravioli with ricotta, the frappe, the fritters of San Giuseppe.
To worthily accompany every dish and preparation of Tuscia there are also excellent wines such as the famous est-est-est of Montefiascone, the Etruscan hills of Viterbo, Tarquinia, Vignanello red, all DOC wines.
il Vignanello.png
At the end of the meal, two products of excellence and great aroma, enhanced even more when accompanied by dry sweets such as tozzetti with hazelnuts.
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